I wish I had a “refresh” button for my energy level, mood and sense of humor.

It’s taken two days to get me motivated. What’s up with that?  Who knows!  Am I really motivated right now?  No, but I must get started; if I don’t start, how am I ever going to finish?  What’s with this procrastination and sluggishness?  I wish I knew.

Do you remember the Biorhythms a decade ago?  It was an energy scale that depicted what kind of day you would have.  Maybe it would let you know if your shower started out on time and on target your day would be fabulous, or maybe the cereal you had would help elevate your mental acumen, or maybe the news on NPR, the Today Show, your local station, or your newspaper headlines made you jump with glee and that set the standard for the day.  Well my biorhythms have been on hiatus for the last few days; I have the energy, desire or motivation of a hold button.

So,I going to find or design something special to ingest – maybe a chocolate-covered, martini-laced, caramel-centered daily vitamin. This will definitely start my mornings out better than a spin class that exhausts me, an elliptical machine that causes my thighs to ache, an excercise ball that keeps my abdomen from flailing over my waist line, or free weights that can’t make my cellophane crinkled like arms taunt.  Yup, this new vitamin will definitely change my life and obviously refresh my sense of humor. 

Any other ideas?  Let me know.

Happy Monday!


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