Magnifying glass

I’m always fascinated by magnifying mirrors.  I only see them in hotel rooms, and laugh.  Why would anyone want to have his/her every wrinkle, black head, pore and blemish blown up 11x?  It’s fascinating.  Do we really think that seeing all those up-close and all-too-personal features make us feel better? or worse?  There’s nothing I can do about this face.  Okay, maybe a pallet of CoverGirl makeup might help, or even Silly Putty, but the blemishes are there to stay.  I wouldn’t recognize them if it weren’t for those magnifying mirrors; other’s don’t notice either! That mirror isn’t going to make me a cover girl for 2010; it wouldn’t have made me a cover girl in 1970!

If I could get a wrinkle stretch machine, that would help too.  But, that would probably mean I’d have to get up during meetings, trainings and lunches to get the machine out and re-stretch my face.  It won’t work.  If manufacturers and inventors can come up with Viagra, why then can’t they come up with a solution, a pill, a cream that would keep my wrinkles and my blemishes from ever appearing in public?  It’s a crime, really.  It’s an injustice.

I only use my magnifying glass when the type-face is smaller than a flea’s wing and I can’t read it even with 200+ eye glasses.  I’ve used it also to see highway numbers on my Road Atlas.  My atlas is even a “Large Print – East-to-Read” one and I still get my magnifying glass out to clarify street names and highway numbers.  I don’t use it to get to know someone better.  I can see it now, “Hi, my name’s Dee, what’s yours?”  Then s/he introduces her/himself and I get out my magnifying glass to see her/his face better. Use it instead of a handshake!  Oh, that’d get me a few points, don’t you think?  Not to happen.

Maybe you can use this magnifying glass to highlight your mistakes.  What fun!  How often do you blow something out of proportion?  How often do you mull over a comment or question, “What did s/he mean by that?”  It’s an energy zapper.  And the comment or questions was just a passing statement or inquiry; nothing meant by it at all.  Magnifying the little – exploding meaning or importance – only exacerbates inferior feelings.   But, I know I’ve done it.  I’ve thought that maybe something I said or did hurt someone’s feelings and I didn’t even realize it.  My intention is not to insult people; my intention is to help them.  But…I have been known to say something – I’m the direct sort – and it’s caused Hades to cozy up to my desk.  Sorry. 

I also know that some of the little things that I do, the asides, do make a big difference to someone else.  I’m not mean, I’m just careless and not intentionally.  And you?  Have you ever blown anything out of proportion or hurt someone’s feelings without recognizing it?  Probably.  If not, then market your character and sell it:  You’ll be rich by sunset.

Practice seeing what is.  Practice knowing that events will become bigger than you anticipated only if you let them. When you breathe, focus and really see the situation, you’re able to accept it, work with it and then move on.  Those magnifying mirrors and glasses help when we really need them to help us find our way – either to the cosmetic counter or on the right track!  Keep those internal magnifying glasses at bay.

Enjoy the day and the week.  Happy Columbus Day.


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