Good Company

Yesterday I was blessed to be in good company with some brilliant, successful and fun speakers – also best-selling authors – from Denver.  The program was on getting our book not only written, but also published. The how’s, where’s, who’s and what’s of the publishing world.  The five panelists gave insights, secrets and tips on what to expect from finding a literary agent to a publisher, from a ghost writer to a PR pro, and from an editor to a proofreader.  They spoke candidly about the financial burden, the frustration, the pit falls, and of course, the glory and recognition.

The books ranged from personal triumph to leadership.  All the authors are friends.  I’m blessed to have them in my circle of influence when and if I need them.  When I watched and listened, I realized that all of them started out the same way I did: a passion, desire, story to tell, expertise, goals and objectives, and a vision.  I also realized that I wasn’t going to be on that panel – at least not yet.

Why? What holds me back from putting all my brains and brawn – so to speak – together, and making more of myself than “average”?  Do you ever ask yourself questions about “why?” and maybe even, “When?”  What does it take – besides money – to really be the top of your profession?  How long would it take for you to excel and exceed?  I don’t like it, but I’m mediocre.  On a scale of 1-6, I’m about a 3.5 in my business.  I could be a 5.5 if I put some effort into it.  If I really believed in myself enough, had enough capital  and gained some quality time-management skills, I might be able to rise above my today’s plateau.

Two of the authors talked about taking out a loan to get started.  One told us that her husband said, “We can take out a second loan on the house.”  She realized that he believed enough in her abilities, talents, drive, verve and all the other qualities of success, that she too knew then that she’d be a success.  She is indeed.  It does take money.  That’s where a few of us are in another good-company category:  not enough financial resources.

Even a few hundred dollars – right now – is a juggling act.  Do I spend it on this?  Do I save it?  Do I invest in this?  Do I pay off debt?  Do I re-invest in education, coaching, training?  All these questions bring my mind, body and soul in conflict.  I want desperately to be able to become an accomplished something:  speaker, trainer, coach, writer, community activist, or even best friend.  What is it going to take?

Where are you in your career?  Are you accomplished at one, two, maybe three aspects of your world?  If so, do you help others attain that status?  Are you liberal with your time and compassion toward others as they strive to reach their goals?  I hope so.  I know that I can ask any of those brilliant speakers and authors for help, but I don’t.  Am I afraid?  Do I actually lack the courage to ask for help?  What’s this all about?

I hate being stuck!  I also hate being pathetic.  I may not actually be as pathetic as the poor soul who was curled up on the sidewalk sleeping last night right in front of my parked car.  How sad.  Then I thought everything is relative depending on who we are, where we are at the moment, and what we believe in.  Some days I’m unstoppable – I’ve said that before – but yesterday’s panel showed me a mirror of lack on my part.  I know I shouldn’t feel this way, and yet, I do; at least today. (It’s grey, it’s way too cold for early October, and it’s mini snowing.  A great day to stay inside, keep warm and be pathetic – for at least a few hours.  Then I’ll get over myself!)

What do you have to offer your family?  friends? co-worker?  company? yourself that you’re not doing?  Anything?  Is there one step you can take today that’ll help propel you to something spectacular?  I was talking to a buddy at the meeting yesterday and all he kept doing was making excuses for not getting started on his book.  I relate.  It’s a giant step to say, “I’m writing a book,” and yet, he has an idea that would be profitable.  What’s he afraid of?  I don’t know.

Are you afraid?  Are you holding back, judging others while you need to sit yourself down and fire the little voice inside that keeps you “down” or afraid.  Fire it.  Tell it to leave the country and never come back.  Pronto!   Find a MasterMind Group.  Hire a coach.  Talk to someone who’s successful and ask for advice.  When your mind, body, soul and spirit rise to the occasion, you’d be amazed at what you can accomplish.  I will finish my book.   I will rise above my mediocrity. I’ve made a committment with this blog and it’s been such a energizer:  53 days and counting.

Be proud of what you have accomplished and then take that next step to become more accomplished.  I’m going to e-mail my friend who’s dawdling with ideas and not acting on them:  “Glen, today, now!  I’m willing to help in any way I can.”  In return, I know that I’m helping myself and that he’ll probably help me too.  We’re in good company.

Happy Saturday.


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