Change of Seasons

In Colorado the yellow leaves brighten every street, decorate the high country and most assuredly blanket yards.  The reds are not as prevalent, but they too add to the spectacle of fall foliage.  The NE has much more red than we do, but we all know that rakes are the tool of choice over lawn mowers this time of year. The change of  seasons are reliable, expected, maybe wanted or not – we have zero control of this – and so markedly different from each other.

Are we like the change of seasons?  Are we reliable?  Expected? Wanted or no? And markedly different from others?  I believe so.   Like the seasons I am reliable.  I hope I meet people’s expectations – maybe even exceed them; that’s the best part!  I may be wanted or not, and am indeed different from you. 

Every day you go to work – reliable.  Your co-workers and supervisors expect you to not only show up, but also to complete the projects you start.  You set up an expectation chart like others.  I know that in October the warm weather, the days outside, the long and luxurious evenings fade into cool – sometimes cold – days, dark mornings and early evenings, and falling leaves; it’s nature, it’s what’s expected.  Each October is different. I know and expect the cool air and shorter days to show up on my threshold, though I’m never quite certain exactly when.  Some Octobers chill me to the bone, others wrap me in refreshing coolness, but the leaves always caress my lawns. 

 Like October you are expected to conduct yourselves in a certain manner and produce at work.  You may be a tad different from day-to-day, but you are reliable.  Like the change of seasons, people count on you to perform your duties, though some projects and duties are different; therefore, call on different skills.  The leaves will always fall, your skills will always produce, some days more brilliantly than others.  That’s nature. That’s you.

The seasons also highlight dreaded days – April 15 – along with beloved holidays – birthdays,  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, Labor, Memorial  and Independence Day.  These days are set in cement: there’s never going to be December 4 Christmas, or a November 1 Thanksgiving.  We wait for these days – some with anticipation, others with joy.  Who knows what the holidays or tax day hold for you, but they’re always going to be there.  I promise.

When winter beckons – in only a few weeks – my energy wanes. Now, I could live happily with three seasons; forget winter.  But others pace in October hoping to bring on winter’s behavior sooner; they love to ski, sled, wear wool and down, shovel snow, build snowpeople, and otherwise languish in front  of a fireplace with a good brandy.  Not me! You can expect my mood to slide from childlike to morbid.  Okay, maybe not that dramatic, but its edge is stricter.  What do the seasons do for you? Which one is your favorite? Which one defines you as you traipse out of your house daily and change from the personal to the professional person?

Some winters exceed my expectations: they’re almost balmy.  Others are wretched.  I can take the heat, but I’m not fond of the below-zero days, the three-foot snow drifts, the icy road conditions and the darkness.  Three years ago Denver  produced Siberia; oh, what a few months.  Last year, it snowed twice – or maybe three times; that I can handle.   Some summers are too hot – all relative – and others are crazy:  this year June was cold and wet.  Summer lasted about two months. I felt cheated.  Do your friends, family or co-workers feel cheated if you fail to meet their expectations?  Probably. When your expectations aren’t met, do you feel like down? Yes.  

Our personalities and our character change – maybe not on a certain day or date – but like the seasons, we do bring on a different aspect of ourselves during certain periods of time.  It’s nature.  We’re human.

For those of you without the change of seasons, you most assuredly have a change of character at least four times a year; I’m certain.  Your seasons just aren’t as profound as mine. You are still reliable, meet or exceed expectations, have wanted or not-wanted character traits, and are different than any other person on this planet.  It’s up to all of us; we do have control of our personal “seasons” and produce as much as – or more than – expected.

Take this time of year to enjoy the best of the brightness, the flourish of color and coolness.  Take this fall season to exceed expectations, be reliable, be wanted, and be you.  It’s a breath of fresh air for all of us.

Here’s to a great fall.


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