As a teenager or even college age, I wouldn’t have dreamt of wearing elastic-waist pants.  Nope, I wanted to wear tight jeans, show off my waist – even when it wasn’t the most flattering  part of my body – be hip and trendy, and of course, sexy. Elastic pants were made for only over-weight people, not me.   Now, elastic-waist pants are “in”; so am I. I own elastic-waist jeans, dress pants, play pants and naturally, my clothes of choice: sweats.  My favorite pants have elastic waists.  It’s not that I am over weight, no, now it’s a matter of comfort.   I love them and naturally, they love me. 

Think about elastic. I think  it’s the greatest invention and so useful in myriad ways:  Headbands, wristbands, work-out clothes, rubber bands, etc. expand and release to form to our bodies.  How too cool is that?  Don’t you wish that other parts of our world would be as flexible, as giving and as comfortable as elastic ?  I do.

Where’s the flexibility and expansion of my clients when I want to do something and they don’t agree?  Where’s my flexibility and expansion when someone asks me to do something that I don’t want to do?  I know I can stretch and form to other’s wishes or demands when I want.  I also know that like those pants and that rubber band, I will get back to my original form when all is said and done.  Right?  Right. 

For elastic to be useful it has to be malleable?  For us to be useful, we too must be malleable; stretch to fit the situation. It’s about comfort.  It’s about what works best.

I question the expiration date on elastic.  I have a pair of wonderful summer play pants; I’ve had them for years. Well, this summer saw the elastic had worn out, seen it’s better stretch and release time, and begged for replacement.  My pant’s waist can now fit on my hip bones like some of the oh-so-fashionable youth clothes of today, but not for me.  The waist lies limp and languid; so long play pants.  Or, I could get a seamstress/tailor to replace the band and I’d have a “new” pair of play pants. But do I want to?  I’ll know next summer.

Some of our usefulness may have seen better days.  We used to be more forgiving.  We used to be more flexible.  Now?  Maybe it’s because we’re bored with our job, bored with a project, bored with a relationship, or just bored with life.  Maybe it’s because we aren’t challenged.  That original luster is now rusted.  But, like my pants, you can replace those old attitudes, find new elasticity in your day; at your job; with your partner, friend, co-worker, family member; or in your outlook.  It’s up to you. The seamtresses/tailors of life are all around you, all you have to do is seek them out and they’ll be willing to help.  (You don’t even have to buy new elastic, nor pay for the help.  I promise.)

My elastic waist band, even today, is a comfort for me.  I’m no longer into fashion, I’m into what works and looks best for me.  When I’m comfortable, then the people around me are more comfortable.  I’m more myself and that authenticity rubs off.  My waist can either expand – perish the thought! – shrink or stay the same and these pants mold to me.  Now all I want is to get an elastic brain, attitude and mental state of mind to expand, shrink or stay the same with the people whom I connect with daily, weekly or only once.  

And you?  How’s that elastic personality today?  I hope it’s a comfort for you and others.

Happy Thursday.



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