Cleaning Crew

“Cleaning Crew” is emblazoned on the back of the maintenance crew at 24-Hour Fitness.  As I was working out this morning I thought about how I’d so love to have my own cleaning crew, and not just to vacuum my living room, empty my trash or Pledge my furniture.  I want and need a cleaning crew to clean up after my mistakes!

Wouldn’t “one man/woman clean-up crew”  be a wonderful attribute to put on your resume?  ” Clean up other people’s mistakes with flourish.  Shine projects in a day.  Polish reports in minutes. Wipe clean financial errors. Wash dirty comments.  Clean up after myself.  Clean-up Employee of the Year.” I don’t know how many people had to clean up after me when I was in school, just starting out at a new job, working, in a relationship, foolish, inconsiderate or just plain ignorant.  I do know that I’ve had my share of clean ups for others too.  We all have.

Cleaning up can take minutes or years, and  it costs money no matter how long.  But, that’s what we do:  we help make business successful and that means cleaning up mistakes.  Mistakes are human.  To think too, through some mistakes, success appears.  The Post-It Note was a mistake made into a fortune, an every-business-needs-this item.   I know there are hundreds more too. 

If our parents, our friends, our supporters, our neighbors, our co-workers and supervisors had never pointed out our mistakes, helped us clean them up, where would we be?  We’d all be back in the dark ages.  How many “over-night” success stories are actually riddled with mistake after mistake until the final “success”?  All of us have clean-up crews – some right by our side, some we may never see or know.  My editor is a one-woman clean up crew for my books.  Your manager is a one man/woman clean up crew for your future.  Your spouse, your child(ren), your best friend, even your car mechanic are here to help clean up when we need it. 

Who have you helped along the way?  Who have you shared your wisdom with, letting them know to “not make the same mistakes I did”?  We also clean up after ourselves in order to learn and share those lessons.  I don’t know about you, but I could sell lessons learned on E-bay and probably make a fortune!  I use my professional sponge  almost daily to wipe up and hopefully obliterate mistakes – small or large. Some take longer to disappear than others, but I know how to clean.

We don’t make mistakes on purpose – at least not most of us.  Isn’t it nice to know you have an insurance policy with life: people who can help you clean up the spilt milk of progress?  Your personal and professional cleaning crew come in to help make you look better.  They’re not necessarily there to take out the trash, they’re there to polish, shine and wash your work, your words and your worries.   Where would I be without my accountant?  Where would you be without your financial advisor?  Where would we all be without someone else’s expertise?

When you think about what needs cleaning up, you most likely know whom to call.   This person or those people are invaluable.  Humans make mistakes.  Your mistakes are someone else’s clean up passion – think IT – and someone else’s mistakes are your passion – think your expertise.

What a great asset cleaning crews are in all aspects of our lives.


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  1. Finally someone who understands the life of a cleaner!


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