Character Closet

Everyday you cloth yourself in your personality.  You dress yourself to be productive, gracious, hard working, loving, etc.  You character closet begs to be opened and addressed.

Are you the type of person who puts out the clothes that you’re going to wear to work the next day, the night before? I used to do that when I was in the corporate world and knew that I was also going to catch a 5:30 a.m. bus to the gym before going to the office!  Now, no need; I work from home.  I may wear comfy sweats for two or three days if I don’t have client meetings, trainings,  or special events to attend. You’re seen everyday by who knows how many people, and the clothes you wear speak volumes, but your attitude and character speak louder.

I look at my closet and think, do I really need all these clothes? “When was the last time you wore that suit? that blouse? those slacks?” I ask myself.  Sometimes the answer is years.  I’m starting to change closets:  take the summer clothes down to the basement and bring the winter ones upstairs.  (This is not my favorite switch of fabric, cotton to wool.)  I also know that some of the clothes have stayed downstairs for years and not seen the light of day or my body frame for too, too long.  I must clean out all the closets and just keep what I need and what best serves my personal and professional style. It’s the same with your character closet: what best serves your personal and professional life?

Do you have some character flaws in your character closet that you would like to keep in the basement or throw away?  Do you have some fabulous characteristics that make you stand out and show the world the best of you?  We all do.  My character closet needs cleaning out not just during a change of season, but maybe every few weeks.  And yours? 

I bet you feel better inside when you dress up for a special occasion.   When I want to look my best for an important meeting or am going on stage, I want to bring  both my best internal and external outfits out for all to see and enjoy. My internal come from my character closet, my external from my clothes closet; they make a dynamic team.

When I look into my character closet I see attitude, optimism, beliefs, energy, ideals, values and vision all there waiting for me to pick them out the night before so I can wear them the next day, week or month.  I’m certain that I can put all of those on every day; I’m the one who choses to make it the right attitude, the best energy, the positive belief system or not.  When I’m “on,” I’m unstoppable.  When I’m not, I’m mediocre.  My worn out attitude wraps around me like a ragged old coat; my pessimistic belief system hangs on me like a drab and too big shirt.  But my good energy, my high ideals, my impeccable values and my self-confidence fit like Cinderella’s slipper or a book’s dust jacket;  they’re perfect.

Look at your character closet today or tonight and pick out the great character facets that bring out the best of you for all to see.  Toss those flaws into a pile on the floor so you can throw them away,  forever.  Hang those great “you” characteristics on the hanger closest to the  door so they beg to be worn every day, all week. These along with the clothes you wear make you unstoppable.

I have a few characteristics that I thought I’d thrown away or I’ve chosen to hide them, but they sometimes come back to haunt me; I’m human.  This is a new season and a new day; the best character I can be is waiting for me to put it on and wear it with pride.  I hope the same with you.

Happy Sunday – or Monday – or Tuesday:  the day that you read this.


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