Point of View

When we talk on the phone, e-mail or chat with co-workers, friends, family members, et al, we usually tell a story and give our opinion about some subject matter.  Right?  Right.  Time and again we tell others our feelings about a work project, a movie, a book, a restaurant, a bad or good time, a person and so on.  It’s our point of view – POV.

People whom you respect have more power over you and your thought processes than those people whom you either don’t know or don’t care about.  When you best friend recommends a book, a restaurant, product or store you’re more than likely to take his/her recommendation.  Have you ever gotten a recommendation from a close friend, colleague, family member or person of “power,” and taken him/her up on the recommendation only to find that you are bored with the book or the movie, can’t stand the restaurant, received lousy service at the store, or the product was wretched?  We all have.  Remember, it’s just that person’s POV.

We bond with like-minded people and want to avoid people whom we feel are “way off base” about life in general and the subject matter in specific.  Yet, our close friends, advisors, family members and co-workers have entirely different opinions than you do on many subjects.  Do you respect their opinions or just shut them out?  I’ve learned – it took some restraint – to keep my thoughts to myself when I think (know) that the person is wrong – in my estimation – or is 180 degrees different from me. 

I went back to Best Buy this afternoon to find out if someone could actually tell me – locate – my money.  Best Buy’s return policy states that any item over $250 has to be either credited back to your credit card or they will send you a personal check for the amount.  Think about how many items are worth over $250 at Best Buy!  I digress. They also say that the money will be returned within five-seven business day.  I spoke to the nice store manager who tinkered with his computer and then had to ask the department manager how to find my funds. I’ve received different information from two different employees:  “The check was sent to you Monday.” (That was six days ago.) “It’ll be deposited back into your checking account by Friday.” (That was yesterday.)  (I used a debit card.)  Well, it’s been nine days and no return…so far.  My POV – why are they giving me excuses instead of solutions? “When I have money returned to my Visa, it can take up to eight business days,”  the department manager told me.  After that excuse, I left. 

I do know that I’ll get my money back this week. I just wish that store employees and managers would under promise and over deliver, instead of over promise and under deliver.  If I had been told that my money would be returned by 6 October when  the initial transaction took place, then I’d still be patient. 

This afternoon I saw “The Invention of Lying.”  It had received good reviews – the critic’s POV –  and I wanted a comedy; I went.  I was yawning after the first :10, and yes, I stayed through the whole movie.  My POV – don’t bother.  Someone else may think it’s one of the funniest movies this year.  I fell the same about “The Informant!”; way too long and boring.  Someone else might love it.

When you give your opinion on a subject stand by it.  Just because someone else doesn’t agree with you, that’s fine; it’s his/her opinion not to like or agree with your opinion.  You agree to disagree and move on.  POVs have changed the world, landed people in divorce court, persuaded millions to side with it, and  made people millions.  Thousands of books line libraries and book stores by authors who are willing to put their ideas, opinions and POVs out for you to read.  Bloggers – like me – the same. We don’t ask that you necessarily agree, we just ask that you take our opinions, mull them over and then decide.

Say what you think, back it up if you can and stand by its wisdom.  If no one knows what you think then you’re invisible and that’s not what you want to be.


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