In the last 36 hours I’ve been in three webinars and one teleseminar;  I conducted one of the webinars.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m deluged with offers to sign up for f-r-e-e webinars and teleseminars.  How do we know which ones are going to be of value?  How much time do we invest in these hour or hour-an-a-half edunars? (That’s my new word of the day education/seminar!)

I know that some of the speakers just talk for the hour or 90 minutes and I can’t take in all the information, so I hang up.  I also know that for “free,” the information isn’t going to exactly rock my world with education and value.  I have found that “free” usually buys proselytizing and stories; nothing substantive.  Do I continually waste my time on these still hoping that the sponsor(s) will give me something of value?  Apparantly.  I keep hoping.

The internet makes “overwhelmed” a daily occurence.  People are vying for your time, your investment, your ideas, your comments, suggestions.  Yes, obviously, I use and depend on the internet for my business too, but I want to be able to separate all the “f-r-e-e” from the value-added.  I’m overwhelmed. 

 When I finished conducting my paid-for hour webinar, I went straight to a free one and finally hung up when the speaker kept talking about how rich he was and how it came so easily to him because he’d mastered the art of something.  Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  Then I called into a teleseminar and he kept pushing his book.  I want to say, “Give me something that’s worth the investment of my hour, please.”  The next one – it was quite the day! – was worth my time:  LinkedIn Marketing.  They put forth valuable and worthwhile steps, tools and techniques that are going to help me in my marketing.

With the text messaging, ipods, 25-hour-a-day mobile and internet connections how can we avoid being overwhelmed?  The choices are too great.   A friend told me that in some of the larger supermarkets there can be up to 100 cereal choices.  One hundred?  This is absurd!  Life was simple when we had only six or seven to choose from, not 100!  It’s the same with the internet.  Where do we divide our time?  Which “edunar” will actually educate me?  Which promoter will actually give me something that I can implement and help me: gain time, make money, create positive images, change my direction, or be a better speaker or marketer? It’s tough to decide.

What webinars have you found to be effective?  Which ones have made a marked difference in the way you perceive yourself, your work and your future? Which ones have given you life-long tools, tips and techiques that will help you prosper?  Those are the ones that make the internet invaluable. Those are the ones that you want to promote to others.

I know it’s difficult to separate the valuable from the scam and that being overwhelmed helps you make a decision not to decide.  The “delete” button is also a valuable entity.

I’m setting up my four-part writing webinars in three weeks; they cost money too!  I guarantee that my writing and presentation skills webinars will produce two-to-three times your ROI, plus you’ll enjoy the hours.  I want to help you raise your productivity and your capability.  Join me… I’ll be in touch. 

Happy Friday!



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