Palm Pilot

I know they used to make a technical calendar, bookkeeper and secretary – a Palm Pilot – and I never purchased one.  Do they still make them? 

If you actually looked at the palms of your hands and realized that everything you actually need, want, desire, dream and have are right there;  they could pilot you to wherever you want and need to go.  Think about it.  The future is in your hands…isn’t that what everyone tells us?  It’s up to us, not some technical device, not a self-help book, not a motivational speech – but some are brilliant…more on that later – not even your parents.  It’s right there in the palm of your hand. 

Where do you want to go?  You’re the pilot of your destiny, whether it’s good or whether it’s bad, you blaze your course.  I know that I have so much to give in myriad ways, and yet, I ask my co-pilot – whoever that may be at the time – to help map the course. Why ask?  Why not just point the emotional compass, the authentic switch, the heart-felt ignition in my direction and go?  Oh, so easy to say, and yet…I’m still on the high road without my pilot, my locator, my  – what other excuses can I make?

At today’s Women’s Vision Foundation conference the first keynote speaker  – Andre Hughes from Accenture – talked about how we’re separated from success by one degree and it’s in our hands whether we chart the direct route or the off-the-mark route.  It’s up to us.

Yes, my hands need direction; they haven’t weighed into the success ring – yet!  I know where I want to go and I know how to get there – maybe by some circuitous route – and I stall at the threshold.  Do you?  How do you handle your success?  How do you handle your fear of success?  How do you handle your treading water only inches from the shore of success?  Maybe you’re on the brink.  Maybe you’re already there – I congratulate you.  Maybe you’re just getting started and your palm pilot is raring to go:  a full tank of gas, the right GPS, the destination clear and you’re flying with help from a co-pilot, a few flight attendants and several mechanics.  Yeah!  Keep going, the winds are in your favor.

No one comes close to your authentic self; no one.  You have gifts and talents that no one else has.  He or she may have similar attributes, and they pilot in their direction, not yours.  Each of us is able to share, to enlighten, to give, to love, to educate and to enhance our lives and in return we give the world a gift.  Do you know how many people’s lives you changed today?  Don’t be smug.  I don’t mean that you gave a motivational speech or finished your book, I’m talking about giving someone hope, someone a part of you.  How many people did you make smile today?  That’s a gift.  How many people did you touch – a pat on the back, a clasp on the shoulder, a real hug?  Those mean the world to some – they do to me.

Take your palm pilot and chart your course.  All those life lines that palm readers interpret are meant for you.  The world is waiting.


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