Getting started

What I would really enjoy is a human remote control.  Yup, I could just press my “start” button and then channel it to the project I need to start and I’d be “turned on.”  I would stay on project until I pressed the “off” button after I finished.  This remote control would also be able to switch me from one project to the next with no effort.  Where is my Dee Dukehart remote?  It must have been kidnapped by aliens last night, because the “start” in my day needs pressing.  My “turn on” is obviously on “pause.”

Ever have those days when getting started seemed like climbing a Sequoia barefoot?  I know you have. It’s not all energy either; it’s also desire.  Maybe it’s fear or just plain ole procrastination.  I don’t know.  I want to finish this project, start that project, get a head start on another, and still I’m just wasting time; I get nothing accomplished. 

The saying goes that to start something you just have to take one step at a time.  I know this.  I apply this rule.  It’s just some days my “getting started” button hides, and frankly I don’t want to find it.  But then I get projects completed though it may be at the last minute.  Do you ever procrastinate?  I work best when I’m under a deadline.  Some people have a time-line sheet and plan their day minute by minute and know exactly how the day will start, continue and end.  Not me.  I’m always ecstatic that I’ve finished three projects when I only intended to complete two or two and a half.  I’m also dismayed that I still haven’t written that card, paid that bill, written that e-mail, or completed that PowerPoint presentation.  It’s a balance.

Each day we start brand new with new thoughts, new – or renewed – energy, focus, commitment, need, desire, vigor…I could go on.  When the getting started is started, how long does it take for the start to fizzle?  How long does it take for that start to re-energize your soul and you find you’re six steps ahead? It’s all up to you!  The act of getting started is the action our heads and hearts need.  Once we press that “start” button we can at least take it past the first “commercial break” and know we’ve put something down on paper, called x amount of prospects, created the first software design, or fixed that first engine or computer.  It’s getting started that takes the guts and gets the glory at completion time.  Right?

I’m going to start one project I’ve put off for days:  writing a new curriculum, and then I’m going to design its PowerPoint.  It’s not that these take hours and hours, its just getting them done.  Sometimes the projects seem mundane – I-can-do-this-in-my-sleep routine; we may not be challenged.  But we can put a little shellac on our creativity and come up with something unique and worthwhile if we try. I’m also going to complete some keep-your-business-running tasks:  paying bills, sending invoices and practicing my opening for my webinar on Thursday. 

It feels so good once we start and then complete projects, doesn’t it?  Absolutely!  If I loan you my human remote and you press your “start” button, what channel will you tune into for the project that needs your attention, creativity, genius and focus?   Press that “start” button in your remote – brain – and see what appears.

Happy Monday.

Tune in for my four-part webinars beginning the end of October and through  fourth quarter. You’ll be glad you did.  Get started on your re-newed business writing, e-mail writing, and/or presentation skills – four hours each.  Listen to in-depth and invaluable information, and ask questions you’ve needed to ask.  Until then…I’ll write to you tomorrow.


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