Selling Yourself

We sell ourselves daily.  We may not realize it, or actually say to ourselves, “I’m selling me today,” but we sell – constantly.  When we sell ourselves, we may sell ideas or other intangibles, not just services, products, companies or talent.  How truthful are you when you sell something?  How much conviction of self comes across when you’re selling?

So many of us hope to sell our talents to our future employer or client.  Do our resumes or websites tell all?  part of all? skirt the truth, even in a tiny way? really portray outcomes?  Selling is a science, an art and a technique.  Some days I’m better at it than others; it’s all in how I’m feeling about me and what I can offer to help someone else.

I talked to a friend last night who’s desperate to find work. She told me she’s applied to over 40 jobs in the past three weeks, and nothing.  She’s despondent, frustrated and discouraged.  I wonder what’s she’s actually “selling.”  How does she stand out above her competition on the jobs?  What’s her cover letter say about her?  Is she a blade of grass on the front lawn of applicants, or is she a blade of grass on a blanket of snow?  I don’t know.  I guess I ask myself the same question. We all should.

Why are some people or companies thriving, making money, gaining profit share, building client base, while others aren’t?  Again, I’m not the one to answer; just to ponder.  I also would like to understand how some companies can sell their product or service and yet when you get the product or service you don’t really have what you bought.  (Now there’s a sentence for you.) Do you or they advertise and yet not really produce?  Is it false advertising – to a point?

I received a flier for an “introductory 1-hour massage session.”  Now, when you think of  one hour, wouldn’t you think – know – 60 minutes?  I do.  I thought, it’s inexpensive, I’ll sign up for 90 minutes – an hour and a half.  So I called for a 3:30 p.m. appointment.  First:  I didn’t get into the massage room until about 3:35.  Not too late.  Then my therapist asked three or four questions, left, and I readied myself for a relaxing :90.  Second: My therapist came from the no-pain-no-gain school of massage.  Oh, my!  Deep tissue?  How about deep-into-every-muscle-tissue-fiber-blood vessel massage?  Third:  I couldn’t relax for 10 seconds.  I wanted so much to have a relaxing time.  Relaxation was not to be because I was waiting for the next pain point.  Fourth: I didn’t get my feet massaged.  What’s a massage without your feet being rubbed?  Don’t know. Fifth: When she was finished, I asked what time it was:  4:50.   3:40 – 4:50 is how long?  Not 90 minutes, at least not by my watch.  The explanation:  “We give :50 hour massages; :5 to undress and :5 to dress so the other people can get in on time.”  I was sold an hour – actually an hour and a half – actually received only :70.    This aggravates me.

Do you every get “short-changed” on a product or service?  How do you feel afterward?  Do you want to complain? Do you? Do you voice your objection if  for no other reason than to let management know you’re disappointed? Most of the time it’s to no avail, but you may feel better.  Do you go back?  Do you tell your friends?  Word-of-mouth advertising sells three times as much; it’s the same for negative advertising.  I won’t ever go back to this company for “an hour” massage.  Even though the place was highly touted by a friend, I didn’t get a good feel –  in several ways – from the place. I felt “cheated.”

Selling is being.  Sell truth. Sell yourself, but not short. Stand out above your competition:  under promise, and over deliver, not the opposite. If you promise an hour, give an hour plus.  If you promise or guarantee a result then live up to that promise or guarantee.  Transparency rules. 

What I sell – except myself – is intangible, but invaluable:  impact, influence, power and profit.  I guarantee it! I promise.  And you?












– one hour consists of 60 minutes, I


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