As I watched in awe the acrobats flying through the air, tumbling, cycling, swirling, circling, et al at Cirque du Soleil last night, I noticed that each person puts an inordinate amount of trust in his/her partner(s).   The performers couldn’t and wouldn’t delve into the peril of their feats without the trust of the other performers who catch, hold, spin with and for them, secure ropes and holds for them, and create an atmosphere of “we’re here for you and you’re safe.” The event amazes – as always. I wish all “businesses” secured the trust factor for all their employees the way performers do.

Trust covers a vast array of personal and professional territory.  As children we begin the trust journey and continue on it for a life time.  Sometimes that trust can be broken, yet other times it solidifies a strength unbeknownst to mankind.  Trust comes in myriad facets and colors for all of us.  We trust our friends to support, love and acknowledge us when we’re brilliant as well as when we’re broke; we trust our family members to love us unconditionally, even when we screw up. (This doesn’t always happen, I know.) We trust our companies to pay us, provide a safe working environment, tell us the truth, and help us on our professional journey.  We trust our government to take care of us – or try its best.  We trust ourselves to perform at our best.  How many people are in your intimate trust circle?  A handful? A houseful? It doesn’t make any difference, as long as the trust factor cements love, respect, honor, and/or confidence.

I trust my insurance company will pay my bills when it comes time and if I need them.  I trust my car machanic to fix my car and charge me a reasonable fee.  I trust my clients to pay me within 30 days. I trust my vendors to perform their duties in the time frame that was setup and they in turn trust I’ll pay them within 30 days.  I trust my phones, fax machine, computer, doorbell, faucet, spinkler system, alarm clock, vegetable garden, etc. etc. all to perform to their maximum!  When something goes haywire in my world, I trust there’s someone to help me fix the situation, even if I have to hold for :45 and I can’t understand what they’re saying.  (I hate auto responders!  I want to talk to a human, not a machine. That’s my input on that for the day.)

When we talk in confidence, I trust you to keep it confidential.  It goes without saying for the most part.  My brother raked me over the phone lines last week saying that I’d put him in a “precarious” situation because I’d divluged information that he’d hoped I keep confidential.  Yes, I did release parts of our conversation, but I didn’t nor don’t feel that I put him in any more of a precarious situation than he put himself.  It did though give me pause; I must watch not only what I say, but also to whom.   I would never intentionally betray my brother’s trust; I wounded him and that in turn caused me to hurt myself. We keep learning lessons daily. 

To step out and ask someone to be a friend is to ask them to like, respect and trust you, and vice versa.  It’s a risk and a comforting one at that.  For all the troubles we collect, friends and trust are great comforts, like hot chocolate and a fire place when it’s 10 degrees.  To step out and ask advice from lawyers, ministers, financial advisers, psychologists, doctors, mentors, coaches or the like, we put ourselves in their trust; we assume that what’s said to them goes no further. Our world revolves around trust and sometimes we get hurdled to the floor because of a break in that trust. I know you’ve read about the financial advisers who betrayed the trust of their clients.  It’s sickening to read or hear about someone who intentionally steals from you and then lies about it. I know you’ve read about other people in positions of trust who crumble the lives of those around them.  How about those autobiographies with chilling insights to the inside world of…? They are few,but they are prolific. 

As you go through your day you trust so many facets in your life and don’t even recognize them.  Your friends, co-workers, supervisors, clients, vendors, et al all trust you too to live up to their expectations.  Nary a thought crosses your mind for the most part, but consider the value of trusting and being trusted.  It’s  paramount for personal and professional growth and success.

My friend told me I needed to trademark, register, copyright, covet, lawyerize my writings.  I never considered that someone would “steal” my ideas, nor plagiarize; who knows.  In a world of identity theft and copyright infringement, it’s a possibility.  I just trust in the Universe that you’ll enjoy what I write, maybe learn something from it, input a few tools – if I give any, and then move on – with a smile on your face.  And I thank you for that.

I trust you’ll have a glorious Friday. (Whatever day you read this!)


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