Decisions, Decisions

I’ve read that adults have over 60,000 thoughts a day. I didn’t count them and I won’t; our minds race throughout waking and sleeping. Of those 60,000 how many of them are about decisions we made, consider or are currently making?

I was with a client last week and realized that two of the employees were meligning their past decisions and their negative consequences. I usually don’t think about all the decisions I make or have made in any one day, week or month, unless I realize that it was the “wrong” one and I am paying – or will pay – the consequence.

Decisions come in multiple categories; a few follow:
1. Personal: What to wear, whom to invite over, what to buy, to volunteer,  get up early/sleep in, etc.
2. Professional: When to start a project, ask for a raise, hire/fire someone, leave a job, take a “sick” day, change careers, etc.
3. Play: Attend an event, plan an event, go on vacation, get some exercise, etc.
4. Romance: Ask her/him out, go out with him/her, get engaged/married/ separated/divorced, have children, give a gift, etc.
5. Instant: Call a friend, write an e-mail, go to a movie, buy a product, sign-up for a training, say “yes,” or “no,” etc.
6. Material: Buy any product, service; throw away/clean out books, papers, clothes; sell something, etc.
7. Poor: Break a rule/the law; tell a lie; stand-up a colleague, friend, prospect; over spend; not follow-up; stay in denial; too many to continue….

As you read this you are “paying” the consequences – good, bad, indifferent – for all the decisions you’ve made up to reading this blog. I made the decision to write it, you made the decision to spend the time to read it. How many decisions will you make in the next hour? How will they decide for you what the future holds? Do you really “stop and think” about the decision and what the consequences will be?

I make rash decisions too often. I have paid the price – in myriad ways – for poor decisions, and have also paved the way for a bright future, new friends, new adventures and new tomorrows because I chose to – decided to- make a move to write, call, change careers, ask for help, give help, research, take a risk, sign-up for classes, hire a coach, and on and on.

We are products of our decisions. It came to the forefront of my thoughts after my meeting with my client and witnessing the consequences of two young men who would pay dearly for poor decisions they made – and probably knew were wrong.

Today’s a good day to count the good thoughts, “cancel” the negative ones, and make positive decisions not only for yourselves, but also for your families, friends, colleagues, employees, careers…the list goes on.  I know that I push myself to make the decision to write, start/finish a project, or just get started with my day.  I also know that the power of the “right” decision makes my life more valuable and productive for you and me.

Decisions, decisions.  Which ones will rule your day?

Thanks for making one:  to read this.


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