Alone with our thoughts

I work out early a.m. at the gym and I realize that of the other 15 or so before-dawn group on the stairmaster, eliptical machine, bikes or other machines, I’m one of maybe three people without earphones. Now, I don’t know that some of the others may be listening to motivational tapes, but I don’t think so. The gym also has eight tv’s set up – four different channels – so it’s hard not to miss what’s going on in the world of CNN, sports, local news or some other channel.  Music also swirls around non-stop. Our minds are overwrought with outside noise.

Are we now a society that can’t have a moment of silence in any environment? Be alone with our thoughts? Waiting for a plane? The gate areas are littered with tv’s; there’s little space for silence and reading. And, naturally, the mobile phone folks must talk at a louder pitch.

Why don’t people just rest with their own thoughts? Why can’t we really use our positive thoughts to build up our goals and to visualize what we can do to help ourselves – and others – during the day, the week, the month…?

Spend just :15 a day with yourself: not driving, not reading, not listening to music, just in rare silence refreshes and enlightens.

That hour on the machine at the gym gives me time to focus on goals, repeat affirmations, visualize some great prospects and/or put thoughts together for a project that’s nagging at my feet. It’s my favorite time of day.

Time alone with our thoughts? What a refreshing and awakening part of any day.

Try it! Turn off the radio. Put the newspaper down. Take a walk without an iphone, etc. Workout with no outside cacophony; it’s a new elixir of success.

“Our success or our failure is the result of our mental condition – our thoughts about people and about ourselves – our attitudes toward people and toward ourselves.”  Dan Custer

The world might be a better place if we use the time alone with our thoughts for good, positive and reinforcing awareness.


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